COVID-19 Immunisation Education Program

$100/per user

  • 8 weeks access
  • 1 attempt at passing


Globally the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been substantial with around 770 million cases and 7 million deaths. Multiple measures have been taken to minimise transmission and disease severity, with administration of COVID-19 vaccine a key measure.

This Program aims to equip health professionals involved in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines with the knowledge and skills to competently deliver COVID-19 vaccines.

The Program is self-paced but must be completed within a period of 8 weeks from the date of registration.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this program you will be able to:

  • explain the causative agents, transmission, clinical features, epidemiology, and complications of COVID-19 disease
  • describe the types of COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia, the recommendations, contraindications, and precautions
  • outline the correct storage and handling of COVID-19 vaccines according to the current national guidelines
  • identify the legislation and ethical elements relevant to immunisation practice
  • interpret the elements required for valid and informed consent
  • identify and describe the requirements for the delivery of a safe immunisation service
  • describe the process for documenting an immunisation encounter and submitting to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
  • determine what are adverse events following immunisation and the management required.


This Program contains multi choice assessment questions.

You can attempt each question three times. If you fail an assessment question, it is recommended to go back to the course content to ensure you understand the information prior to attempting the question again.


At course conclusion there is a short exam with 10 multiple choice questions.

  • You must achieve 90% for the exam.
  • If you fail the exam, only one further attempt is available.
  • The exam is open book style. Open the necessary clinical resources in another tab during the exam process to ensure your answers are correct.

Expectation of course learners

  • Allow up to 4 hours for course completion in line with the CPD hours allocated.
  • Read all the information, view the recommended readings, and complete all the activities, which will assist with the assessment and exam process.
  • Seek assistance from Content Support, if required.

It is a requirement that course user’s answers to exam questions represent their own work. SA Health reserves the right to cancel enrolment, suspend or remove access to the program if academic misconduct / dishonesty is proven.

Certificate of Completion

At the successful completion of all the course requirements, including passing the exam, you will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

Record of Study

On completion of the course, all learners will be able to print a Record of Study to assist with claiming Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

Continuing Professional Development

SA Health recommends up to 4 CPD hours to be claimed.


This course was created by SA Health in collaboration with WA Department of Health and developed by Digital Learning and Design.


Support is available to students by phone and email:

  • Phone support is available Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:00 (ACST), excluding public holidays
    • Phone: 1300 232 272
  • Emails can be sent anytime and a response will be provided on the same or next business day

Immunisation Teachers are available to assist learners with any enquiries, including information about the Program, access details, academic support or other support as required.

Technical support is available through an online helpdesk. A request can be submitted 24/7, however the technical experts at Digital Learning and Design are only able to respond Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:00 (ACST). A help link is available by clicking on the student’s name at the top right-hand side of each screen throughout the Program.


The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has made recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in Australia.
ATAGI Clinical recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines

Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA)
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CDNA National Guidelines for Public Health Units

The digital online version of the Australian Immunisation Handbook (Handbook) provides up-to-date information about all aspects of immunisation.
Australian Immunisation Handbook

Your feedback and evaluation of this Program

We are interested to know what you think about the Program in order for us to continuously improve it. There will be opportunity for you to provide feedback about the Program once you have completed the Program.


The information provided in this program is current as of the last version release date.

A panel will review Program content and evaluation feedback biannually at a minimum. Changes to recommendations and the national immunisation schedule will be updated in the Program at time of release to maintain currency of information.

Links to websites are used throughout the course. Course links will direct to the latest updates available. Every attempt is made to maintain these links. If a link fails to work, a self-generated internet search may be required.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this training Program may contain sensitive material including images of deceased persons.

Course structure