Understanding Vaccines for Midwives: Vaccination requirements during pregnancy and early childhood

Version 4.0 (released 17th April, 2019)


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How will midwives benefit from completing this course?

This program aims to equip midwives with knowledge and skills to feel confident to engage with women and their families on the topic of vaccines and vaccination.

The growth of the National Immunisation Program (NIP) over the past decade now requires the active involvement of midwives in the immunisation discussion to promote vaccination and confidently respond to questions and concerns about maternal and early childhood vaccination.

Uptake of vaccines in pregnancy is low and likely to be due to language barriers, poor knowledge of availability and lack of recommendations from health professionals. At every encounter with the pregnant woman, midwives are perfectly placed to discuss vaccines and vaccination. Studies have shown that it is important midwives engage in the discussion and promotion of immunisation in pregnancy.

Understanding Vaccines for Midwives: Vaccination requirements during pregnancy and early childhood

This course is an introduction to immunisation and key vaccines and topics relevant to midwives, and also aims to assist midwives to deliver a safe and effective immunisation service by:

  • introducing the learner to information on the theoretical and practical components of immunisation
  • guiding the learner to utilise the relevant resources that support best practice when delivering an immunisation service
  • assisting the learner to assess their understanding of the relevant information.

The success of the NIP requires midwives to actively promote and confidently engage with parents on the importance of vaccines and timely vaccination for the newborn baby and vaccines provided in the NIP. For midwives to confidently engage in the immunisation discussion with parents they need to have the relevant knowledge and understanding.

This course provides the valuable information midwives require supporting them in their role with promotion and education on immunisation in pregnancy, and the opportunity to attain this knowledge through easy to access online learning.

Understanding Vaccines for Midwives: Vaccination requirements during pregnancy and early childhood has been developed by immunisation and education experts from the Communicable Disease Control Branch (CDCB), Department for Health and Wellbeing, South Australia, WA Health and the Education and Training Department of the Women and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia.

The course contains multiple choice assessments within the 2 modules. The final module has a short exam with 9 multiple choice questions that cover required knowledge and 100% must be attained, with one re-sit available. This course must be completed within 20 weeks from the date of registration.

This is an approved program of study leading to authorisation for Registered Midwives immunising in Western Australia and South Australia if all other conditions of the relevant legislation are met.

Certificates awarded

On completion of the course all learners will be able to print a Record of Study that can be used as evidence for Continuing Professional Development.

Learners who successfully complete all the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Accreditation and Continuing Professional Development


Understanding Vaccines for Midwives – vaccination during pregnancy and early childhood is an Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Course.

It has been allocated 20 CPD hours.